Easily collect and use dynamic manufacturing data in real-time.

Intelycx is an end-to-end Industry 4.0 data intelligence solution that unlocks the value of data in your manufacturing lines.


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Fast Setup. Fast Configuration.

Intelycx is a flexible hardware/software platform that quickly creates a "digital twin" of any combination of manufacturing equipment and systems. It provides a real-time view of the operating health of your processes and equipment, instantly identifies issues, and automates tagging, ticketing and tracking of incident resolution.


KPI Anomalies

Generate tickets based on configurable triggers / thresholds for various metrics and track resolution progress

Help Requests

Generate and classify tickets to get technician/specialist help quickly. Determine most common issues and hold ups in the resolution process to target improvements

Process Control

Through the collection of level 3 sensor data, analyze machine health to inform preventative maintenance and minimize machine downtime

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Any Data

The Intelcyx dashboard tames the storm of data produced by the production line, extracting the critical need to know information - regardless of the type of machinery or equipment monitored.

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Key Features and Capabilities




Reliable Information

Our software operates in real-time. Problematic machines are quickly identified by setting up business rules or by reviewing the heatmap. There is no waiting until the end of the shift, as all information is collected and reported. Reports are enriched by adding more status codes in the data source and the administrator dashboard.


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Case Study:
Medical Supply Manufacturing


No time to wait.

A maker of critical consumable medical supplies operating 24/7 had a complex mix of manufacturing floor equipment, but no realistic and cost effective way to gather and use all the data needed to identify anomalies.

We implemented our solution on-site in under 2 months, using our Edge IOT modules to round out their data collection, and building a suite of KPI-based automations that trigger immediate response to anomalies and also help identify operator errors.

The system has already proven its worth by reducing downtime and process bottlenecks by giving immediate visibility to the overall; health of the production facility.

Medical Manufacturing

Highly regulated and complex, this industry relies on Intelycx to deliver the data needed to keep production clean, safe and correct.

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