• an aggregator of data

  • communicates with 200+ types of devices: PLCs, PACs, database servers, etc.

  • Collects high frequency and low frequency data

  • ETL on the Edge to reduce server load and optimize cost





  • Data storage

  • Back-up and redundancy

  • Auto Scaling for performance

  • Anomaly detection in near real time

  • Alerting and notification engine

  • Workflow engine





  • Custom Dashboards

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Ticketing Module

  • Help Module

  • IoT Module

  • Alarms and Notification module

  • Digital Forms





This cutting-edge platform unlocks the full potential of industrial data, seamlessly bridging the gap between legacy systems and modern IoT devices.

EDGE is designed to effortlessly capture, harmonize, and transform an ever-expanding universe of operational data with it’s advance technology, tailored for today’s industrial IoT landscape.

Delivering unmatched flexibility and scalability, this system flawlessly integrates with a myriad of hardware controllers, empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of their data and drive real- time insights and optimization across their operations.

The EDGE boasts versatile connectivity, offering seamless integration with a plethora of protocols such as Modbus, OPC UA, EthernetIP, and proprietary Allen Bradley DH485/DH+ alongside Siemens S7 and MTConnect, among others, facilitating robust machine control.

Furthermore, it extends its communication capabilities to SQL-based systems and leverages RESTful APIs for efficient interaction with databases and computing networks.

THE WHAT: LEVEL 1 is all about grasping What’s happening and providing actionable information across all layers of the organization.

In a hyper-competitive landscape, real-time data visibility is the ultimate game-changer. By harnessing the power of advanced edge technology, this solution empowers organizations to unlock the hidden potential of their data streams, shedding light on crucial KPIs for informed decision-making and unparalleled transparency.

With its dynamic architecture, the EDGE acts as a conduit between enterprise systems and equipment controllers, OPC UA servers, data historians, bespoke systems, etc. seamlessly collecting target and actual run rates.

The EDGE connects with ERP / MES systems to gather target information and real time data from either the machine controller or OPC UA / data historian servers to gather real time performance data.

These data sets are used to compute Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) / Asset Utilization, Total Loss Analysis into a unified cloud repository, crafting a comprehensive data landscape primed for data- driven action.

Alarm and Quality Codes
THE WHY: LEVEL 2 helps with understanding of the various reasons for efficiency losses. Helps organizations to mitigate them, thus enhancing operational resilience and driving cost savings.

Performance monitoring, coupled with monitoring of equipment downtime and quality events, provides critical insights for identifying and addressing operational inefficiencies in real-time.

This proactive approach helps organizations anticipate and mitigate losses, enhancing operational resilience and driving cost savings
The high-frequency data collection ensures no data gets left behind, providing a comprehensive and accurate picture of operations in real-time.

Level 2 analytics serve as a powerhouse of insights, delivering valuable and actionable intelligence that is pivotal for ongoing continuous improvement initiatives.

This advanced analytical layer is instrumental in increasing equipment dependability, reducing downtime, elevating quality benchmarks, and minimizing waste in processes.

IoT Monitoring
THE HOW: In essence, LEVEL 3 is like a sentinel, constantly monitoring the health of the equipment and intervening when necessary to ensure the equipment remains in top condition.

While Performance monitoring, coupled with monitoring of equipment downtime and quality events provides the What and Why, a different set of tools are needed to have a deeper understanding of the equipment health and long-term performance trends.

The EDGE plays an essential role in this process, gathering sensor data from each equipment cycle in a discrete process or at a steady pace in a continuous process. This raw data is then published to the centralized cloud, creating a single source of truth for the organization.

The IoT module is at the forefront of innovation, equipped with sophisticated technology to execute real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC), detect anomalies instantaneously, and notify engineering teams promptly. This proactive alert system empowers engineers to take early action, effectively circumventing potential long-term critical issues.

The EDGE transfers all data to a unified cloud repository. Cloud-based storage enables accessibility, scalability, and security, unlocking new frontiers of insights and transforming data into a powerful driver of growth and innovation.

Data integrity is paramount, and the Edge ensures that with its eagle-eyed monitoring of all connections. Any potential hiccups are swiftly identified and rectified, safeguarding the accuracy and reliability of your data. This rigorous approach instills unshakeable trust in your data ecosystem, fueling bold decision-making and fueling progress.



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